Monday, March 2, 2009

I think it has been WAAY too long!

Hello fellow bloggers! It has been way too long since my last blogging adventure. :) Alot has changed at the river's bend too!

In November me and the kiddies moved out of grandma's house and got us our own place. It is small, but it is cute and better than that...It's ours! I can run around naked if I really wanted to, ok Idon't but I could.

In December Buzz got a dog. He was so suprised! His name is Dioji and he is a Basenji. We got him from a friend of mine and I have to say. He is the perfect dog for us! Before he got the dog he also got to start Karate lessons for his bday. He is doing very well and he really enjoys going. It is a huge commitment 4 days a week for 5 years to get his blackbelt. He keeps talking about how great it's gonna be to get his blackbelt so I think it might just happen.
Princess, well, not much has changed there. She still loves to talk, most of the time I'm sure it's just to hear her own voice. lol. She comes home singing the cutest songs from school too. She wants to start cheerleading so I am looking into finding a class to put her into.
The baby....She is growing up too fast! She is 8 months old already. Can you believe it? She isn't crawling yet, which is fine by me. And she doesnt have any teeth. She is the happiest baby most of the time always talking and babbling. She gets so loud people have a hard time hearing me if I am talking to them on the phone. The days she comes back from her dads she is a little spoiled though. I don't think he sets her down for more than 5 minutes ever! I don't think he gets a chance to even whimper a slight protest before he or MeMaw are picking her up. Oh well. What can ya do.
I got a job as a photographer again. I really like it. I like the company alot better too! Other than that I am just doin the same ol' thing. Takin care of the kids, workin, cleaning and in my rare spare time I hang out with friends.
Well I think that is about it for now. I will try not to wait so long before the next blog. I will talk at you all soon!

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