Thursday, June 18, 2009

Five Days since you Laughed at me.

Hello bloggers! How has everyone been? Things have been busy busy in the land on the river.
First back in April we started looking for a new(bigger) place to call home. Our 2bedroom closet just wasn't hacking it anymore. So we started searching, the kids and I. I found quite a few places most of which were either A. Ratholes, or B. WAAAAY out of our price range. While I would have Loved to live in a place that my kids referred to as 'the hotel' I just couldn't justify the price. Even if the square footage was more than in my 4bdrm house that I had in a previous life. Driving out to my moms house one day which yes is in Timbuktu. We saw a sign, I didnt think about calling it honestly cause I don't want to live in Egypt but we saw it. Then a couple weeks later I found an ad in the paper. House for so I bit. Guess what, its the house for rent out in Egypt by my moms house in Timbuktu! Small world. Turns out. I love the house, we love the house. No it doesn't begin to compare to 'the hotel' we could have lived in but its cute. And It is our own and for the first time since the end of my former life I have all of my belongings in 1 place and not scattered all over Central Africa! :) It is a rather nice feeling. There is just enough room for all of us, read: all of our crap.
So April and May were busy busy moving from the center of civilization to the middle of nowhere. But we LOVE it. The kids have been spending the days running through cornfields and the nights catching toads. What more could a kid want! Oh the Dog loves it too! Double bonus.
Now it is June and the Baby will be 1 in just a week! Oh My where has the time gone? So the last couple weeks I have been trying to plan some sort of celebration to mark this huge milestone of hers. Just to when it is all done start planning the Princess's Birthday.
I also got the wonderful opportunity to photograph a wedding in June. It was so much fun and I hope I get the chance to do more. I really like being a photographer
Always something happening in the house in the QC, oh I guess I am not in the QC anymore, oh well still a qcmama at heart.