Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dear Kid Saturday,

Dear Nick,
This has been a rough year for you. Your best friend has been going through chemo and you don't quite understand why you can't see him. Your big brother is living far away and we haven't been able to see him since August. And because of your dad's work schedule you don't get to visit him too often. And now we are moving...again.
You are such a trooper though. I know you are hurting inside, alot, but you keep going, keep trucking along.
Gavin lost his hair because of the chemo and you insisted that I 'bic' your head. You didn't even complain when I knicked you a little bit, ok a lot. You are upset because right now your hair is about a half an inch long and we need to shave it again. You said you will keep it shaved til Gavin's grows back. You are such an amazing friend.
You're a great big brother too. MJ adores you! She loves her 'bubba' and sometimes noone else is good enough to calm her down. You're really good with Kait too. You make sure she is careful when you're waiting for the bus and worry about her when she falls down and gets hurt.
You amaze me every day. You are turning into a man before my eyes. Sometimes I miss the little cuddly baby you were. I think you know when I am having these moments cause you walk into the room and give me a hug and tell me you love me.
We have been through so much together baby boy. I think sometimes about how close I have come to losing you in the past and think you must be here to accomplish some pretty amazing things. You are sweet, loving, funny and I have the privelege of calling you mine.
Butterfinger Babe!