Thursday, May 14, 2009

Walk, Walk, Walkity Walk

I have been reading my friend Angels blog about walking with Leslie Sansone for a while now. She got me interested in what sounded like a fun time. So I bit the bullet. I need to get into shape anyway. I went to the local Best Buy and I looked at all of their fitness tapes. They had some strip tease ones, which did look like fun. :) Then I found their section all about Leslie. I had to make a decision. I really wanted to get all of them but figured I better start with just one for now. I opted for the Walk Slim 4 Really Big Miles.

I started Monday. I did 1.5 miles and it kicked my butt! Tuesday I did another mile with my aunt. I tried for 2 but was just wiped out. I know I am pathetic. I for got the DVD at my aunt's house so I didn't get to do any walking on Wednesday or today. (I just realized where it was). I was really disappointed. I feel like I am losing out on something. I can't wait to get started tomorrow. I really enjoy it. I really feel like I am accomplishing something.

I also started taking some Chia Seeds. They are basically Omega 3s and since I don't like fish I figure it can't hurt right? They are also really high in fiber. I know I don't get enough of that in my diet. :D

Well that is about it for tonight. I will let you all know how it goes, as it goes.