Friday, March 6, 2009

1. What do you do when you get mad?

It depends on what I am mad about. I will usually call and vent to a friend until I feel better. I love you guys!

2. Do you wash your hair everyday?


3. How often do you speak to your parents?

I talk to my mom everyday! I usually talk to my dad a couple times a month.

4. Your nails - painted or nude?

Nude, I bite my nails too much to paint them

5. What pair of shoes do you wear most often?

Well it's winter and my footwear of choice has been my camoflauge ballet flats. In the summer though it's flipflops all the way.

6. If you could do anything you wanted to do this weekend, what would it be?

Go out with friends

7. What's the best cough medicine you know of?

um..I don't like any cough medicine.

8. How do you feel about 'springing forward'??

I have 3 kids...Losing an hour of sleep is not good for me. lol

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1 comment:

My Goodness said...

1. It's a blessing to have friends who listen!

5. Camo ballet flats? Never seen such a!

8. No kidding!

Thanks so much for playing...sorry I'm late making my rounds!