Friday, March 6, 2009

In Need of a Hobby!

It is gorgeous outside right now. I should be outside enjoying it. But instead I find it way to stressful to do anything outside with 3 kids. Everything I want to do with #1 and #2 I can't do with #3. If I take them to the park there isn't a whole lot that the baby can do there besides maybe swing. That means I can't go help the other kids or just play with them. If I just go for a walk, the kids all get bored. I also hate doing anything alone. I want adult companionship! I want a partner, a significant other. It gets me all upset and down when I start to think about how lonely I really am. I try to stay upbeat and have been pretty good about it but it's starting to crash. My friends tell me I should get on some meds, and maybe I should but I don't want to. No reason other than I am really bad about remembering to take a daily medication.
I thought I had a good thing with a friend of a friend, his name was, well we will call him Frog, since he Gave the baby a frog toy when she was sick. I thought all was going well. Apparently not. I haven't seen him since Valentines and I have only talked to him once this week. I don't have the time or the energy to worry about it. Ya know! I am still talking to 'T' The Insulation Guy. We're just really good friends which I love. I just want more! UGH! :( I know one day it will all be better and things will be perfect but I want to come faster dammit!
WOW! This post about needing a hobby turned into me venting about needing a date lol. Oh well. I really do need a hobby that will involve all 3 kids and me at the same time.

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