Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday's Grill


Hello Everyone. Today is Friday! YAY! and thanks to Tina over at Grilling Goodness I've got a few fun questions for you. If you want to get in on the fun head on over to her blog and check it out.

1. Do you prefer reality tv or dramas or comedies? I usually end up watching dramas, but I watch a few of the others too. :) I watch Numb3rs, SVU, Ghost Whisperer. Things like that but I also like to watch American Idol, Biggest Loser, and Nick at Nite. :) That is when I have the time.

2. If you could have free cosmetic surgery, what would you have done? Oh wow. There are a couple things I would have done but I guess first I would have a Tummy Tuck. Mommy Belly just doesn't go away and I would love for my pants to fit me better. lol.

3. What are you itching to get but you have 'bitten the bullet'? A Camera. I really want a Digital SLR but it just isn't in the budget at the moment.

4. Do you have a bad habit that you hope your children don't pick up? I bite my fingernails when I am stressed. I really hope they don't pick it up. So far so good.

5. What was your favorite meal growing up? Any of my moms "Throw Together Dinners" they were the best well except for the spinach pitas, eww! I still make the others though for my kids. :)

6. What meal did you have as a youngster that you don't have as an adult? Hmm...I guess it would have to be the above referenced Spinach Pitas. I had to eat them then. Now I get to choose. :) BTW they are Pitas stuffed with mushrooms, groundbeef and cooked spinach. YUCK! lol

7. What is your earliest memory of a "vacation"? Where'd you go? My Great Grandma Schutte's farm. That is where we always went on "vacation" I loved it there. I have some of my favorite memories from there.

8. What was the "Best Thing" you ever got for Christmas, before age 12? I guess it would be either my Cabbage Patch Doll or my Little Tikes Kitchen. I still have my CPK though so I guess that would be it.

I hope you want to play along. Make sure you sign Mr. Linky over at Grilling Goodness if you do.


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